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Tuesday 12 March 2024

Wall Tie Failure - what should I look out for and when should I act?

When it comes to wall ties, their importance can often be overlooked. It is commonly unknown that the wall ties in your home may have perished due to rust and erosion therefore causing the walls to move, crack and in worst case scenario collapse.

But what signs should you look out for that this is happening in the walls around you? Here are some tips so you know when it is time to call us in. 


Cracks in plaster, brickwork and stonework can just be superficial but they may also be a sign of more serious settlement issues – the home settling more on one side than the other. Whether the cracks are diagonal (like stair steps), vertical or horizontal, if left, they could lead to foundation problems in the future. Random cracks can also present themselves internally too. Cracks above doors and windows for example could indicate a failed lintel or other structural issue.

Sticking windows and doors

If a door or window has been fitted correctly but no longer swings open as it usually does it could be a sign that there has been some movement in your house and an early sign of subsidence. You may also notice cabinet doors opening on their own. If your home settles so the cabinet tilts away from the wall, the cabinet doors are unlikely to stay shut. It could be a sign that your foundation needs fixing.

Bulging or leaning walls

Bulging walls and leaning walls can be hard to spot because they can start very subtly, and it is not until some time has passed that you will notice an obvious curve inwards. Walls should be straight so if you spot a leaning or bulging wall this could indicate a structural problem to the wall itself or its foundations.

Sagging roofs and roof leaks

Your roof should give you at least 20-30 years before it needs replacing. If your roof is nowhere near that marker and it has started leaking, then it can be a sign that the roof timbers are moving outwards. A sagging roof generally means there are some issues with its structure caused by the removal of load bearing walls, overloading over time or mis-sized framing timbers. Repairing roof leaks promptly can save you a whole heap of damage to internal structures.

Uneven floors

Serious causes include improper construction and settling foundation and will require the expertise of a structural engineer. Other causes can be cracked floors, dry rot or wet rot.

If you would like to see an example of failed wall ties take a look here as Cliff Harris Regional Director of Target Structural Wessex performs wall tie replacement at a property in Southampton.

Contact us today for a free survey and find out what we can do for you.

Monday 19 February 2024

Common Q&A about Property Structural issues

There are so many questions to ask when it comes to structural damage. We want to take the time to answer some of those questions to put your mind at ease. There is not a lot worse than the thought, 'is my home safe?'

What is considered a structural problem?

Simply put, structural problems can be anything that affects the structural reliability of your house. They can be caused by anything from a poor design or build, to structural faults developed since your house was built.  Subsidence, wall movement and cracking can happen over time.


How do I know if my property has structural damage?

Your property likely has structural damage if you notice the following: Doors and windows won't open or close smoothly. Doors and windows won't lock properly. Doors and windows are separating from the wall.

Who can assess for structural damage?

If the building has been subjected to abnormal loads from flooding or impact, the condition of the structure and its ability to continue supporting normal loads should be assessed by a structural engineer. 

Can structural issues be fixed?

Fixing structural issues can be very expensive if left to get worse. Though you might not have to pay the whole cost yourself. If you have homeowners insurance, your insurer might be obligated to cover some of this.  There are many methods to cater for each kind of structural issue. We specialize in manufacturing and installing structural repair solutions and have done for over 30 years. Take a look at some of the solutions here on this link, structural solutions.

Can you claim structural damage on insurance?

Buildings insurance covers the cost of repairing damage to the structure of your property. Garages, sheds and fences are also covered, as well as the cost of replacing items such as pipes, cables and drains. Your insurance should cover the full cost of rebuilding your house.  However make sure to check your policy thoroughly. 

 If you have any questions for the team feel free to email call up for a chat about any structural issues or go to the Technical Forum and ask any technical questions that you would like to enquire about.

Wednesday 14 February 2024

This week on the Road with Target Structural Cotswolds

This week me and Harry have been working at Swindon Magistrates Court.  The internal courtyard required crack stitching as you can see in the pictures below.  Crack stitching is a fantastic way to stop further cracking and subsidence. This is the work we were referring to in last weeks blog that was using Calcium Silicate Bricks. We started by cutting with my Makita 9 inch angle grinder. It is perfect for this work, I cut a slot of between 25 mm - 35 mm and making sure there is a distance of at least 500 mm each side of the cracks.  As you can see below I was installing over the top of windows as well to reinforce the masonry to stop the pressure from effecting that fixture due to cracking.  When cutting I use a vacuum attached to the grinder to stop unwanted dust being expelled everywhere.  For this I use the Starmix Safeplus I Pulse Certified M Class Vacuum attached to a dust free grinder hood. Does the job a treat and saves on tidy up, so would highly recommend!

After this I hoover out the slots to remove the dust and then wash the slots out so no residue is left. Then it is time to cut the Bar Flex and dry fit it to make sure of a good application. For this job I am using 6 mm Bar Flex which I cut to size and when I know it is a good fit, it is time to install. For this I run a bead of Bond Flex into the back of the slot. Bar Flex has a CE Declaration of Performance and UKCA Declaration of Performance so it really does the job! I then fit the Bar Flex in and using the Bond Flex Gun again seal it with a layer over the top over the bar.  Then using my pointing trowel, point up and hey presto! The reinforcement is in place, the pointing makes it look like no work has been done and the masonry is reinforced. 

My team and I used this technique all round the courtyard, it took 5 days to get the whole job done.  This was an add on job due to how good the job we done with the wall tie replacement and it is always great to get a job done!

Thursday I took a trip over to Lechlade to perform a survey for a Lintel repair over a PVC window.  These can be interesting jobs as with Bar Flex you can reinforce the failed lintel without having to replace it! So I look forward to giving the solution the clients structural issues to make sure they have their masonry sorted out! 

Friday I took a trip up to Thame at The Oxfordshire Golf and Spa Hotel to attend a CPD Event put on by Target Structural Chiltern Regional Director Chris Knight, with a presentation from Target Fixings Director Christian Hall. A really good presentation with free breakfast to go with it! It is always great to meet others in the same industry, like minded and good conversation on the trade.

I had a lovely end to the week going to the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, which I would also highly recommend!

This week brings new Surveys for Bowing Walls, a Drain Survey, Quarterly meetings and all the usual fun for a Regional Director!  Look forward to speaking to you next week, have a good week everyone!

Robert Balanel

Cotswolds Regional Director 

Monday 5 February 2024

A week in the life of Target Structural Cotswolds

I am Robert Balanel and I am the Regional Director for Target Structural Cotswolds.  We cover Wiltshire and Gloucestershire performing Structural repairs to all kinds of properties.

The last 7 days we have been working at Swindon Magistrates Court.  Because of the nature of what happens there works can only take place at night.  We have been carrying out the replacement of wall ties which we have been using Target Fixings Dri Flex which is perfect for wall tie replacement.  This week began with one of my team Harry and myself repairing the silicone around all of the windows and doors.  Where the existing wall ties had failed it had caused movement as moisture and vapour had got in. We stripped all of the old silicone and replaced it all. This took 3 days to carry out.

We then moved onto the task of filling all the holes from previous wall ties and the holes from the scaffolding.  For this we used Target Fixings Polyester Resin while also using brick dust to colour match the wall leaving no cosmetic damage and is aesthetically pleasing.  This was approximately 500 holes to fill with Resin and is an important job as the moisture and vapour can cause mould. On Friday we were rectifying protruding wall ties.  To do this remove the brick chopping out and pull the wall tie out. We then replace the brick back in place and re-point so it looks like no works have been carried out!

This week going forward we are looking forward to working in the internal courtyard at the magistrates court.  We will be performing Crack Stitching on the walls installing Target Fixings 6mm Bar Flex & Non Shrink Grout Bond Flex which is perfect for the job! The bricks are Calcium Silicate which are manufactured by mixing lime, sand and/or crushed silicaceous or flint stone together with enough water to allow the mixture to be moulded under high pressure. They are light weight and have good thermal properties.  We will be working all week on this and can't wait to get started tonight! We look forward to letting you know how it went next week! Have a good week everyone!

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Wednesday 26 April 2023

Target CE and UKCA Compliance

Following intensive testing, Target Fixings is able to confirm both CE and UKCA marking compliance for its product range, including helical wall ties, crack stitching materials, cementitious grouts and the Heli Pile system.

Tuesday 15 June 2021

Updated CPD Events Calendar 2021

After a long year of uncertainty, we are pleased to announce our updated 2021 in-person Events Calendar!

Target will be returning in August with its popular breakfast seminars after an interrupted year following the coronavirus pandemic, and we look forward to welcoming you back!

Target will continue to present the Rules for Masonry Reinforcement seminar, which provides a foundation for the work that Target undertakes, including an introduction to the revolutionary Heli Pile.

Please note that all events are subject to change with little notice in the event of Government regulation changes, and delegates will be notified as soon as Target becomes aware of any changes. Target has published general guidance for Covid-19 on its website, but each event may be subject to stricter rules if further guidance is issued.

Click on your nearest location below to find out the venue and time of the event. We look forward to meeting you all again soon!


31 - Norwich


15 - Hatfield



Wednesday 16 December 2020

Christmas Opening Hours 2020 🎅🎄

We will be closing to the public on 19 December for the Christmas period. We open again on 4 January.

Our Christmas opening hours are as follows:

18 December 2020 - Open - final delivery cut-off 3pm
19 December 2020 to 3 January - Closed
4 January 2021 - Open

Please note that this will affect our delivery schedule, and orders placed over the Christmas period will be delivered in the New Year. Our final dispatch date is 18 December 2020, strictly by 3pm. Orders placed after this will be dispatched when we return in the New Year.

From all of us at Target, we wish you a very Happy Christmas and hopefully 2021 can resume some normality again!