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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Changes Are Here!

Back at the start of November we promised that changes were coming - and here they are!

The changes follow a large re-branding on the company to bring it forward into 2014 and beyond and the design emulates our aims in business by providing a cleaner and more modern solution.

Target Fixings'
new logo
Our logo is now more modern to fit in with contemporary design techniques, but still retains the heritage font of the previous gold nut version that was there from our founding. The colouring follows years of gradual change from green and gold, through blue and gold and now blue and red. Our new colours will filter through to our literature and other paperwork in the coming months.

In the top-right of the screen you will see a flag indicating that you are on the UK version of the website. We are aiming to roll out the new website in German, Dutch and Czech soon in order to aid our Dutch company, Target Fixings BV. This will enable our clients abroad to have easier access to information on our products while on the continent.

Also accessible from that corner of the screen are the links to social media. Our news will be automatically published to Facebook, Twitter and Google+ while our latest videos will also be posted on YouTube. For those that love RSS feeds, our news is also available there too. It is our aim to be far more proactive on these sites than we have been in the past, including keeping everyone up to date with the latest projects and innovations that we have been involved in. We hope you can spare a moment to keep in touch with us if you use any of those platforms.

The new Standard Details are available in multiple languages
As you can probably tell, we have also upgraded our news section. In the past it was up to one person to post news to the website whereas we are now using a platform that enables many members of the team to keep in touch from the various activities around the company.

As always though, our products and technical advice are still the main focus and we still supply our products with the same fantastic service you should expect of us. As always, everything we supply comes with next day carriage as standard if it is in stock.

While you can still contact us to get immediate technical advice, you are still able to browse the product information from exactly the same links you have been using before. We are also in the process of translating our Standard Details into five different languages to help our colleagues and customers overseas.

We have completely revamped our solutions page to provide an interactive house which will show our most popular fixes for common masonry problems, and our case studies page no longer requires you to download anything - everything you need is on-screen.

We haven't forgotten eXtensions, either. We have now made over 200 off-site modular buildings and are starting to build more disability units available for rent or purchase. The new website for eXtensions is still undergoing development hasn't yet been updated. We aim to roll this out over the coming months and enquiries for eXtensions should be directed to our main contact page.

Finally, we still have many more developments that we can't wait to share with you - this is just the beginning of a new and exciting period at Target.