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Monday, 26 February 2018

Event Announcement - Repairing Masonry (CPD) - Gloucester

Location: Gloucester      Date: 10 April 2018

You are invited to attend our popular Repairing Masonry CPD seminar that we are hosting at The Kingsholm Stadium on Tuesday, 10 April 2018. You can have a bite to eat, network with fellow like-minded professionals and be given an introduction to our products and systems.

Topic Overview

Target has been working with structural engineers, building surveyors, architects, arboriculturists and many more professionals to provide unique structural solutions since 1997.

Bar Flex
If you have cracked walls the Bar Flex System reinforces the existing masonry, making the masonry work in tension whilst allowing for seasonal movements.

Heli Pile and Bar Flex
If you want underpinning without the standard mess our Heli Pile and Bar Flex systems create 'pile and beam' remedial systems to stabilise existing, subsidising, foundations.

Our unique Heli Pile system allows you to build directly off steel plates to eliminate any digging and soil removal . It is ideal for buildings close to tree roots and utilities. As we have no need for heavy machinery we can also pile wherever we can walk, this enables us to pile in spaces that would otherwise be inaccessible or time consuming and expensive.

Listed Building
If you have a listed building with some structural issues our processes and products we use to stabilise and reinforce are perfect as there is minimal aesthetic change. We regularly work with the National Trust and Historic England.


08:20 - Registration
08:30 - Seminar - Repairing Masonry (Part 1)
09:15 - Breakfast
09:30 - Seminar - Repairing Masonry (Part 2)
10:30 - Q & A


Kingsholm Stadium,
Kingsholm Road,