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Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Failed Lintel Restored to Former Glory

Before (left) and after the repair work (Right)

Target designs and installs structural support to 1960s property in Maidenhead 

Target Fixings were contacted by the homeowner’s son to provide a structural repair solution to a 1960s property in Maidenhead, where the masonry on the front elevation had dropped. Upon further investigation, there was also found to be evidence of similar structural movement on the rear of the property.

Based on the site investigation conducted by Target’s specialists, it was clear that the masonry above the lounge window on the front elevation had dropped due to a lack of structural support. It was theorised that the original window was of timber or steel construction to provide structural support to the overlying masonry. When this window was removed some 20 years prior, it was replaced by a uPVC window that lacked the strength to adequately support the masonry. As a result, a slump in the window head was now evident.

There was also evidence of movement above the window on the rear elevation and some further cracking along the flank wall. It was recommended that the drain by the flank wall be inspected in order to ensure it was in good condition and functioning correctly, and that the rainwater was not adversely affecting the foundations of the house in its vicinity.

It was decided that the best result could be achieved by lifting the masonry on the front elevation props before reinforcing with Bar Flex to create a masonry beam, which would hold this new position and provide the required support to prevent this deformation from reoccurring. The dropped masonry was then lifted and the masonry beam was installed as a new lintel. This was implemented by installing Bar Flex into slots cut into the mortar bed joints before repointing to match the existing mortar.

Bar Flex is a Grade 304 austenitic stainless steel reinforcing material that has many unique properties. The stainless steel helical material and its bonding agent, Bond Flex, work with the structure rather than against it by allowing some controlled movement.

Chris Knight, a technical sales specialist for Target Fixings, said: “It was very satisfying to see the project completed from survey to installation, with a positive result and a happy customer.”

Target offers a wide range of structural repair services, from simple crack stitching to fully specified solutions for underpinning. Target has been designing and installing solutions for over 20 years, offering stabilisation to properties and historical structures affected by movement resulting from a range of issues including subsidence, moisture ingress, wall tie failure, bowing walls and delamination.

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