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Friday, 17 January 2020

Target Group Director and Manager gain nationally recognised Franchising Qualifications

Edward Hall and Penelope Hall gain certified Qualified Franchising Professional status after 2 years of dedicated studies

Last month, Edward Hall (Director) and Penelope Hall (Manager) have gained their Qualified Franchise Professional (QFP) qualification from the British Franchise Association (BFA) after beginning their studies in 2017.

The British Franchise Association was founded in 1977 and is a trade association for the British franchising industry and is widely known as the voice of ethical franchising in the UK.

The Qualified Franchise Professional qualification was launched early 2010, and the process of gaining certification gives candidates a professional and in-depth knowledge of franchising and instils a commitment to the practice of ethical franchising.

Edward and Penelope’s main motivation for becoming a QFP was to demonstrate awareness, good ethics and allow further development of Target Structural. For this, Edward and Penelope had to learn a lot but a couple of the key things they came away with were how to run an ethical franchise; develop the franchise and use the environment they are placed within to promote their franchise opportunity.

In doing this, both Edward and Penelope have gained a comprehensive understanding of the Target Group. Since the very beginning, they have taken what they have learned and incorporated it into the daily running of the business.

The achievements of Edward and Penelope confirm that the Target Group is a franchisor who leads the way.

In regards to this, Edward said “When we took the decision to franchise Target Structural, we felt it was important to maintain the highest possible standards within the network and looked to the British Franchise Association for their expertise and guidance within the franchising world. I am proud to have recently become a Qualified Franchise Professional!”

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The Target Group offers a wide range of structural repair services, from simple crack stitching to fully specified solutions for underpinning. Target has been designing and installing solutions for over 20 years, offering stabilisation to properties and historical structures affected by movement, as a result, a range of issues, including subsidence, moisture, wall tie failure, bowing walls and delamination.

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