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Friday, 14 February 2020

Event Announcement - Rules For Masonry Reinforcement (CPD Presentation) & Networking

Location: Colchester      Date: 06 May 2020

You are invited to attend our brand new CPD seminar on Rules for Masonry Reinforcement that we are hosting at The Milsoms Hotel Colchester on Wednesday, 6 May 2020. You can have a bite to eat, network with fellow like-minded professionals and be given an introduction to our products and systems.

Topic Overview

Target has been working with structural engineers, building surveyors, architects, arboriculturists and many more professionals to provide unique structural solutions since 1997.

Historic Buildings & Conservation
Target has carried out repairs and restorations on many historic buildings - from castles to farmhouses - each with its own unique defects and requirements. This has led to the development of numerous creative repair techniques to enhance the structure with little aesthetic effect. This increases the building's longevity and safety, whilst maintaining the rustic charm.

Interpreting Cracks
Cracks can manifest themselves in many different directions, shapes and sizes as a result of the properties of masonry and the forces imposed upon it.

Causes of Cracking
Cracks are often the result of material defects, design flaws and external influences. The repair solution will vary depending on the cause of the cracking.

The Design Philosophy
Whilst standard "off the shelf" guidance is readily available, causes - and subsequently repairs - are often more complex than guidance can cover. By considering the lowest possible level of complexity at each stage, a complex design can be systematically compiled.

Practical Application

Many theoretical propositions work perfectly on paper. Buildings aren't founded on paper, and the theory needs to be applicable on-site - even in the rain.

Construction Solutions
Target has been manufacturing materials for structural repair solutions for over 20 years. We have amassed a wealth of knowledge spanning many domains within our narrow field. We take pride in offering a complete solution, from advice and guidance to surveying, design work and installation. Combining these elements ensures unity across the board.


08:20 - Registration
08:30 - Seminar - Rules For Reinforcing Masonry (Part 1)
09:15 - Breakfast
09:30 - Seminar - Rules For Reinforcing Masonry (Part 2)


The Milsoms Hotel,
Stratford Road Dedham,